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Anger to Peace Retreat 

Embark on a transformative 7-night retreat designed to guide you on a profound journey from anger to inner peace. This unique experience offers a dedicated space for self-exploration, enabling you to identify and embrace your anger in a nurturing environment. Through carefully curated activities, you'll be encouraged to express and release emotions that no longer serve you, paving the way for a newfound sense of tranquility. Our holistic approach combines insightful reflection with practical tools, empowering you to cultivate inner peace practices that resonate with your individual journey. Join us on this rejuvenating retreat and unlock the path to lasting emotional harmony. Your transformative voyage awaits—discover the serenity that lies beyond anger.

Spain  - 2nd - 9th July 2024

Discover a transformative path towards inner peace with our holistic approach to anger management. If you constantly find yourself grappling with anger and losing your temper, we invite you to embark on a healing journey that delves deep into the roots of your emotions. Our professional and nurturing support system ensures a safe space for you to express and release, paving the way for a profound transformation.

Embark on a comprehensive exploration of self-discovery through our 5 M's approach—Meditation, Medicine, Movement, Mentoring, and Mindset. Immerse yourself in a healing process that goes beyond conventional methods, guiding you towards a harmonious and balanced life. Join us on this empowering journey, where we not only address the surface-level manifestations of anger but also empower you to cultivate lasting inner peace. It's time to embrace a holistic lifestyle that nurtures your well-being and unlocks the secrets to a calmer, more fulfilled existence

This Retreat will be life changing, if you are ready to choose you then we are ready to serve you


Deep Healing

Experience the profound experience of deep healing. This allows you to reconnect with your inner self, heal past wounds, and release emotional blockages. Through guided sessions, you will gain insight into your the roots of your anger, frustration and learn techniques to nurture and heal to find inner peace



Embark on a transformative journey through breathwork. This powerful practice helps you access deep states of relaxation, release stress, and promote emotional well-being. By harnessing the power of your breath, you can experience profound shifts in your energy, clarity of mind, and overall vitality.


Somatic Movement

Unleash the power of expression as you explore the unique fusion of mind, body, and soul, finding harmony in the art of release.

Discover the transformative power of movement, expression & release. This modality offers a unique opportunity to release stagnant & trapped emotions, and traumas, allowing for personal growth and renewal. 

Rooms Available 



Escape the World, and dive within 

Our Location 

Malaga, Spain 

Experience the beauty of Spain,  With its beautiful sandy beaches and blistering sun. Our villa will be in peaceful nature ensuring the perfect setting for your healing journey. You will fly into the nearest airport; Malaga. You are responsible for managing your own flights.




Secure your Space 

To secure your space you can either Pay in full, or secure your spot with a £350 deposit and then continue on a payment plan. 

What is included ?

What to expect

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Breathwork

  • Group coaching

  • Healing Ceremonies

  • Mentoring

  • Embodiment practices

  • Activation of your inner fire

  • Cacao Ceremony 

  • Rebirth Breathwork 

  • Rage Release 

  • Opening & closing ceremonies

  • 7 Nights Luxury Accommodation

  • 3 meals a day ( 1 a day on arrival and leave)

  • And more...............

What is not included ?



Any extra services 

Please Contact us with any questions 

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