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What is the Wellnest Membership platform?

The Wellnest Membership is an exclusive membership group designed to provide you with all the tools you need to live fuller, healthier and happier forever 


What is the Wellnest membership??

This membership is a hub for you to be supported, guided and encouraged to live a fulfilling and fulfilling life. Letting go of all the worries, stresses, and habits life, media and society has given us. This is your place to truly find yourself and use all of the content provided to improve your lifestyle.

Health is Wealth, never forget that. We spend so much time worrying about money, material items or trying to be who we think others want us to be that we lose ourselves, we lose out health and once we have lost our health that is one thing money can NOT buy back.

This membership group is here to support you to make the healthy changes to your lifestyle and wellbeing that you need to ensure you stay as healthy as possible, allowing you to fully enjoy your life, movement, freedom and the ability to be clear. This is a self use platform so you need to hold yourself accountable to get the most of your money energy exchange.

Who is it for?

This membership group is open to anyone, no matter where you are in the world. If you want guidance, support ad motivation to start living a healthy, fulfilling and sustainable life then waste no time and sign up today. The group runs through a private Facebook group.


There is so much misleading information out there, cut this food type out, eat only this, only have one cheat meal, don't eat after 6pm, drink water to lose weight, the list goes on.

We bust these myths, we put faith back into yourself and set you up on the right path to gain confidence, understanding and acceptance in yourself and your body 

What is included?

Exclusive Workouts From Meditation to Intense HIIT 

Random challenges to keep you motivated

Guidance and education of body awareness 

Real life meal and snack ideas

Health and Fitness tips 

Discounts on PTK events, classes and packages

4 Week Resistance Band Program 

8 Week Kettlebell Program 

Recipes and food guidance 

Over 100 Workout videos to pick from 

Mindset, Health and Wellness support

Mindset, Wellness and Health support

Are you ready to look after yourself?

My story 

I am 35 years old now and I recall starting a form of dieting when I was about 16. I had grown up around my Mother trying many different diets, and I spent my late teens and early adulthood also working my way through the diets. 


As a woman I feel we are under a lot of pressure to look a certain way, I always felt less worthy compared to others, I always compared myself to others and always felt that I would only attract men, been seen to be worthy or feel valued if I was slim. I have yo-yo dieted for over 18 years and my weight has fluctuated like crazy. I have tried Slim Fast, Weight Watchers. Slimming World, Carb Cutting, the Clean 9 diet, Shake diets, and even tried eating the bare minimum. I have gone through stages of absolutely battering my body with crazy workout routines, and actually used them and dieting as a coping mechanism when I was depressed, anxious and at my lowest. 


My journey puts me in a good place to be able to understand others' journey's,  and my journey over the last 2 years has enabled me to ditch the diets, realise the phycological impact my past has had on me, acknowledge & understand my body, and be able to start working towards building better healthier habits. I am also on a journey, let's travel together.

I have realised that I must put myself first, and look after myself as no one is going to do it for me. I have also realised that my body is my most powerful tool, and that I must cherish, love and be grateful for my body and its abilities. This means me fuelling, moving and caring for my body in any way I can. 

Exercising and eating nutritious foods SHOULD NOT be seen as a chore or as a reason to simply lose weight. It should be seen as a gift to the body, an appreciation of the bodies capabilities, to maintain health and to keep our bodies healthy as we move through life.

So do you want to keep going around in circles or do you want to join the journey??

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