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March 2024 


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Health Reset Retreat 
6 Nights 
Monday 18th - Sunday 24th March 

Are you fed up of feeling unhealthy?

Do you feel limited and restricted with giving yourself the time you need to focus on you and your health?

Are you unsure where and how to start to make positive changes?

6 Nights Retreat in Beautiful Cyprus 
What is included?

Health Reset 

Kick start your Health in the right way 

Embark on a transformative 7-day Retreat designed to holistically reset your health. Are you sensing a decline in your well-being? Do you find yourself perpetually tired, succumbing to unhealthy eating habits, and lacking the motivation to engage in life's activities? It's time to break free from the cycle of feeling stuck and burdened.

Our immersive Retreat is your pathway to comprehensive rejuvenation. Throughout this incredible journey, you will receive expert guidance and unwavering support to reconnect with your body, understand your health, and implement positive, lasting changes to your lifestyle.

Experience a harmonious blend of daily activities covering Mindfulness, Mindset, Movement, and Meditation. Join us in the kitchen, fostering a communal atmosphere to discuss, share, and inspire you to embrace more nutritious and fulfilling foods.

Our days are thoughtfully crafted to strike a balance between playtime and purposeful activities, ensuring a profound transformation in your relationship with your body and health. Amidst the stunning backdrop of the beach and surrounding areas, relish the opportunity to revitalize your spirit.

As you bid farewell to the Retreat, you'll carry with you a sense of refreshment and a revitalized mindset, poised to embark on a journey towards a healthier, more abundant life. It's time to reclaim your vitality and embrace a holistic approach to well-being.


Protoras, Cyprus

Our Villa is located right on the seafront, with crystal clear waters, soft sand, and beautiful walks, we have the environment for a nourishing soulful Retreat 

Retreat Schedule 

Day 1 

Arrival 5pm onwards 

7.30pm - Opening Evening & Dinner 

9pm - Guided Sleep Meditation 

Day 2 

8am - Morning Meditation 

8.30am - Morning Movement & Swim 

9.45am - Breakfast 

11am - Understanding your Health Workshop

1pm - Group Water Breathe

Free Time 

7.30pm - Dinner 

8.30pm - Evening Walk 

Day 3 

7.30am - Morning Meditation 

8am - Morning Movement & Swim

9.15am - Breakfast 

11am - Physical Health Workshop 

2pm - In the Kitchen together Workshop

Free Time 

7.30pm Dinner 

8.30pm - Breathe Under the stars 

Day 4 

7.30am - Sunrise Yoga & Breathwork 

8.30am - Morning Walk 

9.15am - Breakfast 

10.30am - Mental Health Workshop 

1pm - Trip to Ayia Napa 

7.30pm - Dinner 

8.30pm - Beach Breathe 

Day 5

7.30am - Sunrise Yoga & Breathwork 

8.30am - Morning Swim or Walk 

9.15am - Breakfast 

Free Time 

4pm - Spiritual Health Workshop 

6pm - Group Cooking 

8pm - Dinner 

Day 6 

7.30am - Morning Meditation 

8am - Morning Movement & Swim

9.15am - Breakfast 

Free time 

3pm - Group Water Breathe 

4.30pm - Integrating into Life 

7.30pm - Dinner 

Closing Ceremony 

Day 7 

8am - Morning Meditation & Movement 

9am - Breakfast 

Goodbyes and Cuddles 



Single Bed 

Quad Room 



Single Bed 

Twin Room 


What is not included 

  • ​​Flights

  • Insurance 

  • Airport Transfers ( Can be arranged at a small fee) 

  • Any extras 

    Please contact us with any further questions 

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