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Are you a lost runner?

Having been a keen runner at points over the years, there are quite a few things that I have noticed.

The first thing that I noticed is that with running regularly I seemed to get better, quicker, and be able to go further. It is now that I am a Persona

l Trainer and qualified in Advanced Coaching that I understand why that is, and how the body adapts so quickly; becoming as efficient as it can to make it easier for itself, because in reality our body is lazy and that is why it teaches itself to become so efficient at things the more we do them, it wants to work less hard it is quite funny really.

The second thing I noticed was how it can become addictive, seeing the progress with every run makes you want to do it more, let’s face it we all love to be good at something.

I can guarantee if you run and you are reading this, you don’t like it when you are not quick enough or when you try something new and you are not quite as good at it. I also noticed how runners become so addictive that they allow running to consume them and they actually neglect strengthening their bodies and this is normally the reason why so many runners get injured.

The third thing I noticed, and this is the main reason I wanted to write this blog; is that running allowed me to get so lost and consumed chasing the clock or always trying to be better, run further or feel better that I had missed so so so much.

It was only recently that this really hit home to me. I recently had to isolate and on release (I sound like I was in prison haha) I decided to go for a run, that run for me was one of the most beautiful refreshing runs I have ever done. As I left my house I felt the cold air hit my face, and one of the first things I saw was a cute squirrel, which put the biggest smile on my face. As I started to run, I felt each and every part of my body, I felt connected and so free, my legs didn’t feel heavy like they normally did. I spent the whole run taking in everything I could; taking deep breaths, smelling the fresh Autumn air, the fresh smell of trees and grass. I reached my arms out, spread my fingers, allowed my head to tilt up and felt the breeze hit my body, I felt so open, so free, and so happy. As I ran to the lake I watched the birds flying around, I heard the water running in the stream, I watched a Herin sat on a tree waiting, I observed the ducks congregating at the lake, some were sleeping, some flying, some eating and some floating in the water. On my run I saw a further two squirrels one of which scooted so quickly across the path in front of me to avoid the dog coming towards us, It made me so happy to see nature, to see animals in their natural habitat and to see people enjoying a walk or run in the fresh air. I must say I enjoyed every single moment and did not think about how far, how fast I was running, or how tired I felt and how my legs felt. (Which is something I would have previously done) It was just an absolutely wonderful run. I realised that my mindset before the run was all about getting out and moving my body, nothing more.

It was with this experience I had realised that over all the years, had I really enjoyed running for what it really was. Yes I have always mentally told myself when running I am enjoying it, and on every run I always reflected on how lucky I felt to be even given the opportunity to run, but really had I truly enjoyed them. When training for half marathons I was always running to the clock or distance, always with the race day in my mind, and even when I wasn’t and I was running just leisurely I would compare to others times, or my previous times, I realised that it’s always a comparison or a competition whether it was with myself or others without them even knowing, and I can bet if you are a runner you can totally relate to this.

In life I have noticed we are always comparing, we are always trying to be like or as good as someone else, or as they say trying to be better that who you was yesterday, this made me realise that a lot of us are truly lost and are always searching for some form of gratification or good feeling that actually we have totally lost being in the moment and enjoying the present, enjoying and appreciating the small things and to me this is truly very very sad.

How many of you run? Can you honestly tell me that you enjoy every run and live in the moment? I bet most of you can’t even remember most of your runs because you were so caught up by the time or being better. You know what, it is so bad that I honestly believe that runners lose empathy to the clock. Someone could fall down in a race and runners wouldn’t even stop because they want to beat their time.

Is this really what running is about ………??????

One thing I know for certain is that I look at running differently now, and when I do want to push for a quicker time, for me now it is because I want to challenge and improve my cardiac output, and recovery time. However there has been times since my enjoyable run that I have wanted to focus on my time and I almost felt myself getting mentally trapped, but I acknowledged it and recognised my mindset to then be able to reset. I enjoy being outside, enjoy my body being able to move, enjoy the nature around me and just enjoy the smallest things when jogging or running. I stopped to talk a lady in her 70’s the other day and she said to me that she is so envious that I was running as she would love to be young again and be able to run. Do we truly appreciate and enjoy being able to move and being young????

What are your running experiences?

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