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I just want to lose my stomach fat

If I was to ask people where would they prefer to lose fat, the majority of people will say from their stomach, Mummy tummy, beer belly etc etc. It is the one place that we all get disgusted with when we look in the mirror, look down or when we have tight clothing on, and let’s face it when we are unable to see our toes when we look down, that can be pretty upsetting. See how I stayed sensible there 😛

So, I am with you all on the belly area, I remember when I returned from living abroad I was so set on losing weight that when I used to go running, at the point where I would be puffing, my legs were saying stopppppp and my mind was like ‘ what the hell are you doing’ I would lift my top up and look at my belly, this would be something I would do on most runs and I remember as my journey went on I would see less wobble and it would motivate me more.

Now I am not saying go out and run as that will get rid of your belly fat, I am merely referring to a time it motivated me to watch my wobbly bouncy belly juggling around as I ran.

So here it is……..

I want to share with you a few facts and a few tips in regards to fat loss and belly fat, and some are not nice.

Fact 1


Right, now let’s clear this up and be very flipping CLEAR, there are NO foods and NO exercises and I repeat NO NO NO NO that will make you lose fat from a specific area of your body.

So please stop doing a 100 sit ups a day and ruining your spine, stop cutting out carbs or drinking lemon water because you read somewhere it will help you lose belly fat.

The facts are the body has a mind of it’s own, you are not in control of the metabolic processes, your genetics or anything else that goes on inside your body and therefore cannot control where you lose fat from. Your body decides that, and there is nothing you can do to control that.

Fact 2

Visceral Fat and Subcutaneous Fat

Subcutaneous fat is the fat that sits underneath your skin. (You can pinch it)

Visceral fat is the fat that is in our abdominal cavity. (This is the fat you cannot pinch)

So most of you may not know about visceral fat and this is the unpleasant part I was referring to.

Visceral fat is the fat that is in your abdominal cavity and due to it needing space it can push onto your organs. This fat is extremely dangerous and can contribute to Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and it can reduce your metabolic rate.

Someone who doesn’t seem to hold much fat across their body but has a larger belly area is most likely holding more Visceral fat (We would maybe refer to this as a beer belly), where as the podgy overall look is more your subcutaneous fat.

Now it is important to remember that holding too much excess fat in general is increasing your risk of health issues, along with physical issues, and you should try to work on implementing healthy sustainable lifestyle choices to keep fat as low as you can.


There are a few things you can do to help reduce fat in the body and funnily enough they are the things we all know we should do but we don’t!! We are also unaware of the damage we are doing to our body by not doing them, and dis-regarding our lifestyle choices, using excuses, blame and other methods to take the highlight away from us and our responsibilities to ourselves.

Here are the simple tips

1- Move more, scientific research shows that regular exercise is a great contributing factor to reducing Visceral fat

2- Eat healthier options, try ditching the processed, refined sugar snacks for healthier snacks a little bit more. More veggies and fresh foods is always a great starting point.

3- Sleep well

4- Reduce your stress levels

5- Keep hydrated *I don’t mean flood yourself with 3 million litres of water by the way.

So, I know some of you were hoping for some magical answer to help you lose belly fat, unfortunately there is NO magical solution, however there are some very great habits you can implement into your lifestyle that will help you lose fat in that tummy area of yours. Sorry to disappoint some of you, but maybe now you will realise that you just need to keep it simple, be patient, be consistent and start to think more about the inside of your body and how you treat your body.


1 – You cannot choose where fat comes off from, as you cannot choose where it gains

2 – No food will make you lose fat in a specific area

3 – No exercise will help you lose fat in a specific area, it may tighten your muscles but it will not remove the fat


5 – Diets, shakes, pills, quick fat loss programs are NOT and I repeat NOT the answer to your problems, and if anything they will just add more problems to your life.

Keep it simple, simple is always effective !!!

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