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I just want to TONE

Who has said “I just want to tone up” ?

I am going to keep this short and sweet 🙂

Since being in the Fitness industry as a professional, I have had soooo many people contact me and ask me if my classes or PT’s are good for toning, or requesting they just want to tone. Also since I have been in the industry I have witnessed a lot of businesses and fitness professionals throwing the word around, especially in their advertising. I have some news for you all. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TONE! What people are referring to when they say they want tone is generally FAT. I know this may seem a little harsh to some people, but it is Fat, and it is as simple as that. I have some strong ass abdominal muscles, however I also carry a lot of fat on my mid-line so you therefore cannot see my abdominal muscles. What I need to do is lose fat and that is created by creating a calorie deficit. So why do so many people use the word tone I hear you ask?

Well they use it because they know that this word in particular is what you want to hear, they know when they use that word you are more likely to pay attention to it and that will lead to a sale for them. What is missing is actually the education to help you understand your body. Marketing and Media is a big thing and if I am honest, most of the time they don’t really care about you. (Another harsh statement I know :O) they just want to make money.
So the reality is, you are not looking to tone, you are looking to lose fat. Now if you have a very low body fat percentage what you are looking to do is improve muscle mass and definition, not TONE.
I hope this helps some people 🙂

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