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My 2 Minute Instagram Transformation

Do you look to Instagram for motivation ????

So this morning I took these two pictures. They are not photo shopped however there is a clear difference. Read on to find out more……

A lot of people these days look to Instagram or other social media for motivation, or ideas of the ‘type of body they would love’. Unfortunately this is causing a massive negative impact on people’s mental health and their life’s. I am not claiming that everyone is like this on Insta, however a lot of people will take pictures that are misleading, for many reasons which are not even worth divulging into. What is important for me is to promote and encourage people to do whatever they can to avoid any negative impact to their mind and body during their journey on improving their life. The focus should be on yourself, loving and working on your body inside and out. Here are my 5 tips to avoid Instagram envy from misleading pictures. 1. When scrolling through your Instagram anyone who makes you question yourself and your self worth; un-follow them immediately 2. If looking on Instagram makes you feel sad or makes you question yourself, limit the time you spend on there, or delete it totally 3. Start your own positive posts sharing your real journey, only pay attention to positive interactions, remember you are in control of your account, you can block people and remove comments 4. Search carefully for positive Instagram accounts, even ones that just post quotes are positively effective and motivational 5. Remember that your body is your body, your body cannot look like someone else’s body no matter how much hard work you put in. We all have different body frames, characteristics etc etc. Keep this in the back of your mind while scrolling If you find that looking on Instagram makes you feel demoralised delete it and work on yourself.

The pictures I took this morning have just one difference, in one picture I am standing close to the mirror and the other where I look smaller, I have stood further away. I then placed them in the app and zoomed in so they look kind of similar in positions. It is really scary how different angles and positions can change the way someone looks, this is why I encourage people to not compare themselves to anyone else. Work on you, work on your body inside and out, and NEVER EVER compare yourself to anyone else!! DO YOU, BE YOU AND LOVE YOU!!

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