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Reasons why people fail at diets and exercise

Why do we want change instantly?

Unfortunately the society we live in now everything is extremely readily accessible for us. Let’s take Amazon for instance, we can pretty much get what we want that day or the next day. Everything has been made super easy for us, just sit now and think about everything that you can get at a tap of a button or within a day or to. This however has a negative affect on things that won’t necessarily be easily achieved, and fat loss and exercise fall into that category. Another problem we have is that businesses, some PT’S/fitness professionals, and others have cottoned on to the fact we want everything quickly and most people lets face it will pay a lot of money for something that will initially make them feel good about themselves and their body, with very little or no effort from themselves, even though it will only last a short time. This is where certain products, diets etc have boomed, if you research the figures products like this make it is absolutely mad. They honestly have no care for peoples health, and are simply interested in their own revenue, the impact most of these diets, pills, shakes etc have on peoples bodies physiologically and psychologically are hidden and not talked about. This all leads to people following extreme dieting and extreme exercise routines which lets face it are totally unsustainable, unenjoyable, demanding on the body and emotionally draining. Who likes drinking 2 or 3 shakes a day??? Well I know I don’t anyway. You may be able to sustain this for a few weeks or maybe even a month or two but this is most certainly not sustainable long term, and not good for your metabolic processes, energy systems, your mental health and your body. Ask yourself these questions.. how many times have I been on a diet? How many times have I started exercising and stopped?I can guarantee most of you will say a lot, especially if you are a women… research shows women are more prone to dieting than men ( we are never happy are we 🙂 ) What most people need to do is look at making small lifestyle changes that they know will be sustainable, they will enjoy and that is not going to cause unnecessary stress on the body. Most of us know what foods we should eat to benefit us and what exercise we enjoy, so how about not wanting everything immediately but put a little time, care and patience into adapting a health, sustainable lifestyle. More blogs to follow on ideas, and motivation on implementing these changes will come soon. Slow and steady wins the race 🙂

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