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Social Media - What you see is NOT what you get ....

Doesn't this 'INSTAGRAM' worthy picture of this salad look wonderful...........

I want to talk about Social Media, perception and the effects that it has on us!

This is a big frustrating issue for me, and I believe it is the root cause to endless problems.

Over the last 10 years social media has boomed but with it has brought a LOT of issues, and these issues are constantly overlooked, or us ourselves DO NOT even realise the damage it has done to us.

So I put it to you NOW..........if you are reading this, how often do you look at someone's social media platform whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tik Tok, and you instantly feel like they have a better life than you, they are in a happier relationship than you, they have a better body than you, or feel like that have their shit together and you don’t??? The list goes on…….

So I would say that 90% of you reading this have answered yes to my questions above, I mean I know I have done exactly all of them in the past, and it got me nowhere but in a spiral of self doubt, self worthlessness, that I wasn’t enough, I was fat, my life was not happy and more.

See the thing is, the media is very clever and if I am honest they are absolute fuckers (sorry for the language) but they are. They design these systems to do this to us, and then feed us with businesses that can ‘ solve our problems’ this is absolute utter bullsh@t and does nothing but add to our already possessed psychological issues.


Jill on your Instagram probably has not got her shit together!!!

Sadie on your Facebook may have a beautiful looking body to you, but it may not be to her, and equally it could be photoshopped!

Julie on Tik Tok argues with her partner every other day aside from the beautiful romantic pictures and videos she posts!!


Long and short of it is, stop comparing yourself to others and stop allowing the media to control your thoughts and affect your life.

Start being a bit kinder to yourself. There is all this talk about being kind to others…. Are you even kind to yourself, or have you been caught up in a cloud of continuous negative thoughts and emotions. Everything is not how it seems, and this comes to most stuff that's online and in the news, people will let you see what you want to see, and at the end of the day you are the one that chooses to let it affect, lead you astray or beat yourself up.

So get your shit together, stop comparing, stop being negative and start giving yourself some love and gratification.

You don’t need to be like Jill, Sadie or Julie, you need to be YOU, love YOU, appreciate YOU and spend time on YOU.

Also this is what my salad really looks like :) and guess what it is exactly the same ingredients. STOP trying to be this so called 'perfect' or this so called

more visually appealing'


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