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The Wounded Inner Child

Unaware of that inner child that is within you?

I was too, and as I started diving deeper. I started to witness so many Adults around me, demonstrating their wounded inner child.

I saw young Children living in Adult bodies, unable to access the awareness of their behaviours, unable to emotionally regulate themselves, and the chaos that unfolds.

What am I talking about? 

Along my journey, I started to pay attention to my behaviours, the way that I reacted to certain situations, my thoughts patters and how I would respond in all environments. It is here I realised that there were so many parts of me from a young age that were wounded. As I practiced deeper awareness I started to harness the ability to notice my behaviours quicker, which in turn allowed me to start working on them. 

I made a conscious decision to start taking responsibility, I would notice when I was being re-active and I would then enquire within, I would ask myself questions like;

- What actually triggered me?

- What part of my younger self can relate to this?

- Where do I feel unsafe?

- What emotions am I feeling?

- How has this showed up in my life?

Within asking those questions this allowed me to discover a depth of understanding, and I started to see my younger self, she was so hurt and wounded, and I never ever saw her. 

The layers of the childhood trauma we carry run so incredibly deep, this is not something we can just deal with immediately, one healing session, or 1 re-written neural pathway is not enough. I have witnessed how one situation/ experience from my childhood has shown up in my Adult life in 5-6 different situations and they are not even relatable. This is the depths of what we experienced growing up and how it manifests in our adult self. 

I knew I didn’t want to have that feeling of ‘always feeling like I had been told off’ , that feeling of not being seen or heard, that feeling of needing to always defend myself. 

Making that decision that I didn’t want to feel that way anymore is what carried me onto working with my Inner Child further and further. I have been on my healing journey.

Can you relate to any of the above? I would love to hear from you.

I also run Inner Child Retreats if you wanted to be held on your journey, get in contact. 

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