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Waves of Emotions — Do you block your emotions?

I have found Emotions one of the most complex parts of my healing journey.

Let us be REALLY honest here.

How many of you have swallowed up those angry words, held back those tears, or felt so uncomfortable you have had to flee from a situation?

From a young age we are told not to cry; whether it be, because we fell over, someone took our toy, we didn’t want to share , our friend stopped liking us, or because we were simple tired.

This leads us to form beliefs that either, our emotions are not to be seen or felt, often feeling unsafe within them and in our bodies, and the list goes on.

We then grow into Adults that really do not have any ability to emotionally regulate ourselves, we continue to hide our true emotions and feelings, sometimes out of fear of “looking silly”, “losing someone” or being in a state of shame for having emotions.

We continue to bury everything, hide away in our own dark shadow and continue to suppress all the emotions that come up.

You see EMOTIONS are ENERGY IN MOTION. They have to move, if they are not moving through us, where do you think they go?

We store them, they stay inside the body, and what happens?

We mask, distract and hide by keeping busy, shopping, working, smoking, eating, taking drugs, immerse in unhealthy toxic behaviours & relationships the list goes on.

All because we do not have the understanding of our own emotions, and we haven’t either been taught how to express and move them, or simply have NEVER felt safe to do so.

The build up becomes so strong that it either can show up as illness, disease in the body, depression, a breakdown, or even an explosion of Anger that is uncontrollable.

I have spent the last 4.5 months travelling across South Asia. One of my intentions was to get to know myself better and really allow myself to recognise, acknowledge, understand and allow my emotions, as they arise in their purest form.

To do this while working, and being surrounded in ‘Normal’ life would have been so much harder for sure. Don’t get me wrong I have been working on the whole Emotions ride for a long time now, while being in ‘Life’, however I knew that if I dived that little deeper, really with very little ‘life’ distractions, I would really get to the deep layers of them within myself.

What a rollercoaster it has been, travelling itself throws an endless amount of challenges your way, everyone thinks that it is just an easy ride of a long holiday.

Let me tell you straight right now, it is NOT like a Holiday, especially when your intentions were to dive deeper into your healing journey.

I am at the end of my travelling trip now, I am actually writing this on the Plane back home. Taking some time to reflect, I am so flicking proud of how far I have come. I really have built a level of safety within myself to know that as the feeling or sensation arises to really honour it, let myself feel it and let it move,

It got to the point when I check into a new Hotel in Sri Lanka, I had sooooo many emotions that were bubbling up inside me, that I could feel, I went to Reception and I warned them, If they hear crying from my room it is ok, I am just moving energy, there was also a family in the Restaurant near my room and I told them too.

Having the confidence to do this really allowed me to let those tears, sobs and noises just come out, no toning down or suppression. After the release I felt so much better.

Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t been easy, and it is still something I am very much working on, to cry and express emotions is a vulnerable part of us that has often not been seen, heard and held so it will take time to continue creating that safety, however I really can see and feel the benefits of just letting myself move the energy.

I don’t want to hide anymore, I don’t want to be in shame or fear for a natural body/human response. I want to be fully expressive as ME however and whenever that shows up.

Can you relate to any of the mentioned situations or feelings?

I would love to hear your journey or thoughts, please comment or drop me a message.

Let’s connect and create a community through emotional vulnerability

I run Retreats if you would like to check them out they are here

Check out my YouTube Channel here UC5rwUb8pKwK23STKtbik5xg

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