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Yoga Training 17

First set of exams day

Today is the first day of the practical exams, for some reason I felt really nervous at breakfast. I am not sure if it was me feeding off of everyone’s nerves or what. Mine isn’t until tomorrow so not sure what this is all about. People are going over the sequence, wondering around practicing, you could feel the seriousness in the room at Tavoos. This morning was going to be a long one, as to get the exams done we have to do double classes back to back. The 4.5 – 5.5 hours of Yoga along with the heat is not a good combo at all. We also said goodbye to the beautiful Foxy, her leaving has really hit home to us all that our time here is nearly up :(. Isn’t it crazy how in the moment you want things to go quick and then when time flies by you want it to slow right down. Well that’s how I felt in some of the philosophy classes and some of the hot hot hot Asana classes when I was extremely tired and sore. Everyone smashes their practicals and you can already feel the release from peoples shoulders. The 4pm session seemed like an absolute chore today but it is crazy how once you get going all is good, flexing and bending is good fun, and most certainly helps your body. Lea and I went to the tattoo shop today and saw their new little puppy while we was there, she is so fluffy and super super cute. We then done our little walk and went for coffee. Lea has been my walking buddy a lot out here, we like to get our steps in so would often go for a wonder, and of course a cheeky 2 dollar foot massage. Today I had a cheeky beer with Laura at our foot massage to celebrate her doing her practical. I don’t know what has happened to me lately but I really seem to like their beer out here, I better be careful I don’t go back with a beer belly. I am obviously experiencing the oh fuck why do I always leave things to the last minute feelings today. It is how I learn best and how I normally make it through things, however I really should put my head down and study…. but hmmm…. nah it has really happened. I have downloaded the Chakra picture as I need to know the names of them for my test. I think I am at the point where I can remember most of the Sanskrit names for the class, so now it is a brush up and read through for the theory and just be bloody confident in the morning. My practical is 9am in the morning so let’s see how it goes.

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