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Yoga Training Day 1

The first full day and I am a clumsy clutz

Due to my jet lag I was wide awake at 4.30am and then couldn’t get back to sleep, so I woke up, showered ad did some work on my laptop at my little wooden desk in my room. I fully embraced the shower/toilet situation too :).So all ready to go and head down to the Tavoos, it was so nice walking along the dirt road, I could hear all the birds chirping and it felt so calm and relaxed. As you enter the Tavoos it is stunning, there is a huge golden Buddha statue that welcomes you, plants and trees everywhere and the cutest bamboo huts. The environment is truly sensational. We start the day with an hour Yoga practice, our morning teacher Vicky is absolutely beautiful in how she delivers her practice I fully enjoyed it and what a lovely start to the the day. We then had breakfast which was porridge and fruits, now I haven’t eaten porridge in a very long time as I had put myself off of it, however this was quite nice,I was thinking in my head though, that I hope this won’t be our food every morning 😛 Now at this point I have actually been eating veggie food since I got off the plane, I have been super impressed with myself so far. Next is our theory lessons, it is here I start to see there is more to Yoga than I imagined. A solid few hours of theory and then our tutor leads us through a 1 hour 30 min Hatha session (Hatha is traditional Yoga for those who don’t know) we get a little way through the class and then he is like and now we will do a headstand …. whattttttt wait a minute hahaha a few of us were shocked and laughed, so he talks us through it and then one by one he comes and guides us. I was pretty impressed with myself. Near the end of the class we do a tree pose and bam my foot manages somehow to get in my thigh, granted I was wobbly but I was so happy. It was at this point I realised that this next 20 days are going to be insane. During a small break we had I went onto the main road to get some fruit as this morning I was super hungry walking to class, dinner is at 6.30pm and then breakfast is not till 8am, now this is not something I am used to. So bearing in my mind I haven’t paid much attention to the conversion rates of money out here I go get two apples and two satsumas. I have dollars and Rupi at this point. I hand over some dollars and then get given a mix back. I stood there for a while trying to work out what was going on but I had no idea, now I cannot talk their language and they cannot speak English so there wasn’t much hope here. They send over their daughter as she can talk a little, she tries to explain but I just wasn’t getting it so I say don’t worry and I go to walk off, well as I do that guess what I do ……… I only go and knock over a whole bloody box of oranges that are sat on some scales on the floor, they all go rolling everywhere, what am I like seriously. Walking back to the room I discover we have the cutest little kitten at our hostel, omg I cannot explain how cute she is. Pictures will follow I am sure. The evening arrives dinner was lovely as was lunch and then we finish the day with a lovely practice with Vicky of which a few people drifted off during the relaxation part at the end, there was definitely some snoring haha, but a lovely finish to the day. Straight back to the room I go and I was out like a light, the day was long and certainly took it out of me.

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