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Yoga Training Day 11

Time is going too quick 😦

I managed to sleep well, I got woke up by the alarm this morning and snoozed it….. umm a bit too long. I felt extremely weak still but class is at 6.30am so I had to get moving. Just about to leave and I go for a quick wee before I go, to see I have put my underwear on inside out, I look at the time and it’s 6.24, now we had very instructions on day one that we have to be on our mat at 6.25am ready. Our instructions for this morning were to arrive and not talk to anyone. So I strip off quick to turn my underwear around, pull them back up and oh my gosh I have only gone and out them on inside out again 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I start to panic and then remind myself that I am poorly already and stressing will make it worse so I chill a little and get them on right. It’s better to be late than cause my body more stress.I walk out of my hostel onto the dirt back road that I walk down everyday, everyday waking is either filled with mopeds, Tuk Tuks, children cycling to and from school, the local dogs chilling or walking around making us feel uneasy (Just being a wimp 😂) cars and then local people. There is one very very old man who sits outside this house in a chair, he looks so fragile but has such a lovely smile, I wave and say hello to him every day. Then you have the workers in the stone making place that are always shouting random words or trying to say hello, I got a I love you one day lol. I get to Tavoos, it’s only a 1 min or so walk, everyone is sat down quietly and Foxy had laid a mat and bolster out for me, bless her, she really is a beautiful soul. I plank myself down for meditation. The day before was our first meditation practice and we did like over 30 minutes. This is something I have struggled with massively, switching off and resting my mind has been very difficult, I am so used to our society of always being busy, always thinking and never actually switching off to give myself some mental rest. I am trying so hard and feel I am getting somewhere slowly. The days are starting to get hotter and Icertainlyintly notice it. Today Foxy and I went out for Lunch and I got a full body massage,my whole body is aching so much and it was truly beautiful. For lunch we went to a Greek place and had a veggie wrap and it came with chips 🙂 I absolutely loved it. Having all our food supplied here has become a bit umm not boring but I just wanted something different. In the evening we did an eye cleansing concentration session. Madhev said we will cry and that we should just do nothing and cry, don’t touch our face or anything, it blinking worked too. Tears were streaming down my face. It was nice to do something different. After this some of us headed out to a Full Moon party at a beach club, which was pretty cool. We were meant to be walking home, however Vicky, Foxy and myself got distracted and ended up in town eating pancakes and having a giggle. Overall it was a good day.

I realised that going from being a meat eater to veggie/vegan food, having not done much exercise before I came her to now doing around 3-4 hours a day was a big change for my body, so I went to get some B complex Vits today and I feel better, so I am ready to bounce back 😛

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