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Yoga Training Day 13

Birthday Day

I do love a Saturday out here, mainly because Sunday is day off day :P. If I am honest I am absolutely shattered and I am very much looking forward to having the day off, the weeks are very long and the Sunday’s are a goal day to know we can kick back. I started the day off with listening to some of my favourite tunes with my legs dangling in the pool after our 6.30am class. The sun was shining on my face, the water felt so fresh on my legs and I was loving listening to my tunes and having a little sing along. I suppose mentally I am starting to prepare for our last week, the last few weeks have been tough but I know that this last week is going to be tough. Today is the beautiful Rebecca’s birthday, we have been looking forward to this day and I am certain to make it a good one for her, we are planning a night out to dance our night away, which a lot of us like doing. One thing that has been difficult for me is the structure, I am not a fan of structure and routine, so for me I like to get a moment when I can relax and let my hair down, going out for a night out is a good way to do this. The nightlife here is absolutely incredible. I remember the day I arrived like it was yesterday, riding along on the Tuk Tuk and being taken to Tavoos, I honestly thought that I was in the middle of nowhere and that I was really going to struggle, that first night we took a walk to town and that was the moment I discovered there is soooo much more to Siem Reap than I imagined. I didn’t really do any research on the area before I arrived so I was pretty happy. Another great day in the Tavoos goes by, we had a lovely coffee date with the lovely Laura and the beautiful Sam and Nat. It is crazy how in such a short time you can become so close to people and build great friendships. I honestly could say that I am looking forward to seeing them all in the future, it is another excuse to leave the UK right 🙂 We had an absolutely incredible night, we danced all night and it was so nice to see everyone so happy,especially Rebecca. I tried to make the most of the night and live in the moment as I knew that this would be our last night out dancing together, as our coming week we finish on Friday and people start to head off as soon as we are done. One of the things I love about the nightlife in Cambodia is how incredibly friendly and relaxed everyone is, the majority of people smile, dance, and talk to you. We had a few people join us for most of the night, 3 older Asian men that clearly liked our positive happy vibe, and a group of young Cambodians, one of which got a little bit too drunk so his girlfriend had to take care of him 😛 # Lea keeps telling me to clean my camera before I take pictures, looking at these blurry pictures………. she is not wrong hahahha Today was also the day that little Karma had her first proper explore, it was the cutest thing to watch and she is getting sooooo quick, and is looking healthier and healthier every day.

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