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Yoga Training Day 14

Eye opener

Last night was a goodnight, I think I got in about 2am, so earlier than the previous week, again I woke up early, however this time I chose to actually get up and not force myself back to sleep. It was so nice to not have to rush anywhere so I just took my time getting ready, I had a little dance around my room and reminded myself how good life is. I really do like my little room now, I recall on the first day thinking what is thisssss, I also recall day 4 or 5 when Cecil the Cockroach decided to continue living in my shower, I showered with him one day and thought he disappeared, nope, I was wrong. He appeared again and again, it did get to the point of thinking no no no no you have got to go. So i plucked up the courage and picked it up and put it outside…. I am so brave right????? …………………Hhahahahaha or maybe not, that would have been the story I would like to have told but ummm yes, I had to go and get the receptionist to get it for me, she came in with her witch broom, and by this point it had climbed sooooo high so she had to stand on a chair and knock it down, while she is doing this I am stood outside the door on my tip toes ready to run and scream :P. She casually picks it up in a bit of tissue and then all over and done with. Today the plan is to go and do the floating village tour, again I haven’t done any research but it looks like something I would like so I am going with Lea, Nancy and Rebecca. I used the morning to go for a walk, have a little swim and study….. oh come on who am I kidding… I didn’t study. The afternoon arrives and we get picked up for our tour, a little white mini van, it takes us far away from the city towards the floating village which is about 1 hour away. We have a little stop off wee break and there are some shops to get some snacks or souvenirs, now I made a big error and had a later breakfast which means I didn’t grab lunch before I went and I didn;t bring snacks. Now I am trying my best remain healthy but as always crisps are a problem, however my food sister Lea (we both love food) made me choose healthier snacks, she is becoming pretty helpful lately 😛 We arrive at the boats which will then take us to the village, now I could write a lot about this experience and it is for that reason I will write a whole separate blog about this eye opening day. It was an amazing day and one that will stay in my heart and mind forever. This evening our teacher Madhav had planned to go for an Indian so we joined him, well I only have one thing to say ….. SPICY….. I think he was trying to kill me, I see this as payback for being a little gobby troublesome rat bag everyday 😮 :). It was a nice evening to have everyone together and you could see how passionate he was about his countries food and having everyone there. It was nice to see, that’s when my eyes were not streaming from the spice, I ended up with plain rice and mango sauce. After dinner Vicky, Foxy and I went to get a foot massage, well Vicky said she was going so I invited myself lol. Vicky and I got a cheeky beer, I wished she had told me about this place two weeks ago. It was 2 dollars for a 30 min massage, this is going to be my new favourite place. On the way home there were some Cambodian guys trying to push their cart away up a ramp, so I decided to go help and Vicky joined me. The more I have got to know Vicky the more and more I like her, she is very similar to me and I love her mannerisms so much. Now to prepare to get back to work tomorrow for our last and final week 🙂 Pictures belowI wanted to share a few pictures that I have taken on the streets and around, some are from the floating village and then us at the Indian

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