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Yoga Training Day 15

The countdown

This was the only picture I took today, but what a beautiful one it is. These two remind me so much of my Mum and I. Their friendship is absolutely beautiful and they are both extraordinary women, I am so glad that I have met the pair of them ❤ They bring me happiness and laughter every single day. Monday has come around so quick. I cannot believe that we have been here two weeks now, my body and mind feels like it has been forever but it was today that I realised time is going way too fast and I really need to emerge myself into the experience and enjoy every moment. I also realised that I do need to focus and try not to get distracted by being on my phone, so I have decided to try stay off it a bit. This is why I only have one picture for today. Today’s morning class hurt, my body is feeling super stiff and my right hip is now starting to really hurt from sitting cross legged soooo much. On the positive side my cold has pretty much gone, well I thought it had until I had a coughing fit in class and thought I was dying. When I reflect on the last few weeks I did quite well to survive with that huge ass cold and blocked nose, I think the group are happy that they can now enjoy a class without me blowing my trumpet, it also means that I can attempt to take part in Anulum a bit more. Today we found out the weeks schedule, our exam dates and times. I think this is when it started to become real, one that we are nearly done, and two the fact that actually we are going to be tested for us to complete the course and pass. Everyone is starting to feel sore and you can feel emotions, tension and tiredness within the group. We laugh and joke about the course being a Retreat as on the first day when we got our vests it says on them Retreat, it was then I pointed out to Madhev and the group that I had been making it very clear to people back home that I am not going on a Retreat and it is going to be intense. That I was not wrong about, although my vest says different haha. It is going to be a long and hard week but that is what we came for so let’s do it !!!!! On a positive note I am really starting to see and feel the changes in my body, I would love to say I feel like flexible Felicia but I know I am not there yet, however I am so much more flexible and stronger than when I arrived, I manage to do the plough on day 11 and I remember on the first day I couldn’t even get my legs up for the shoulder stand. I have even got my head to my knees in the forward bends, although this is not an every day occurrence, I really have to work for it while in the pose. When we get to the 4pm session a lot of us are drained a lacking energy, but magically Madhev has us feeling great after, we know that it has to happen and his teaching approach makes you push yourself and work hard. Exam day is Thursday, it is Monday, I only know 4 Sanskrit names and I have only studied the philosophy for about 30 minutes. I need to get my shit together massively, for some reason when I arrived I was super focused,I had placed posters on my wall over the first few days and then the cleaner who done my room threw my blue tac away, now this I was not impressed by at all, so the poster making stopped and I think this is when I lost a little focus. For our practical we have to deliver the full routine and say the Sanskrit names and benefits. Time to do what I do best and cram it all in last minute. Watch this space :p

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