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Yoga Training Day 16

Foxy Leaves us 😦

Today is Foxy’s last day as she has to leave training early. Foxy is a beautiful soul from Canada, she is super super kind, caring, thoughtful and just blinking lovely. She also does the cutest little guinea pig noises when she goes into the headstand, this is one thing I will miss. I have loved spending time with Foxy over the last few weeks and I am sure that our friendship will be a long long one, she will be moving to New York soon and I will of course have to go and see her 😛 Yesterday I taught a class, It had been 6 or 7 days since I last taught so I wasn’t sure how it would go. This morning I had to teach again, for some reason in the 6.30am class my cough came back and I had the biggest coughing fit it was unreal, it had me feeling dreadful, I though this cough was gone, but clearly it hasn’t. I do need to get to the doctors when I am back I think as it has been 7 weeks now. I am a student for the first class and my body was not functioning well at all, the temperature has risen soooo much since last week and the heat along with being super tired is a bad combo. Ixchen finishes her class we have a 5 min break and then it is my turn to go. Now what a disaster that was, I ran so quick, Sam was like hunny you are 10 mins too fast, I had to draw it back and slow it down, I also nearly forgot two poses but she helped remind me haha. What would I do without her. That was not a good delivery at all. I only remembered a few Sanskrit names so this gave me the kick I needed to get my shit together and go practice. I then spent some time going over some of the Sanskrit names in my room. No word of a lie I feel like I am learning a new language haha, I have honestly avoided them since I had my little breakdown in the first week of ‘I cannot do third, I cannot remember everything and it’s all so flipping hard’ I know I will pull through, I always do (well most of the time anyway) Philosophy this afternoon had me all sleepy, I must admit this has been the hardest time of the days for me, by 2pm we are hot, sleepy and have just eaten lunch, luckily it ended a little early so we had a longer break of an hour instead of 30 mins. I decided to go give Sam a cuddle and then that is where these pictures started 😛 we had so much fun jumping around trying poses, even Nat had a go and she looked incredible. I do love our little naughty, fun moments on a daily basis. The evening saw us head to Pub Street to have a drink and some extra nibbles to say goodbye to the beautiful Foxy as she leaves in the morning.

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