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Yoga Training Day 19 Last Day

Ceremony Day

No early wake up this morning, which was great because I didn’t get in till after 2am, I had to celebrate didn’t I :p Today is ceremony day, so in my head we were going to the temple for our blessing first, so everyone was actually waiting for me hahhaha. I get to the Shala, the mats are laid out the same as the first night we all met, although this time the room is filled with happy smiling faces, rather than straight, unsure, uncertain faces. We all receive our certificates our Yoga cards and have to say a few words. I make a little bit of a joke to Madhav about how he wants me to talk, those who know me, know I don’t shut up. He laughs a little and makes a comment about me not having a problem with talking. I don’t know how he has coped with me for the last 20 days. I remember the 2nd or 3rd evening where we were sat in the same layout and we was asked to talk about ourselves a little. I went first and as I do talked away, one of the girls asked what happened this year for me to change so much, so I briefly explained and I feel that was the moment the rest felt that they could relax and open up a little too. It is amazing how just 20 days together the atmosphere in this room and the friendships that have been made are so different. We all have our pictures taken and then head off to the temple to get out blessing. It was a lovely afternoon and it was nice to see everyone so relaxed and happy. So we are all qualified and now this is when people start to depart. I am actually quite sad that it is all over, I will miss our meal times together, my morning walks to Tavoos, the smiling, happy and joking faces of everyone and I will miss the Yoga too. I know I moaned a bit throughout the course but I really really loved it. This afternoon I met Vicky for coffee, it was so nice, we went to the Cambodian market too which was beautiful. I remember Vicky’s smile on the first day, she was the one that made me feel at ease, as everyone was ridiculously serious. She is such a kind, fun and beautiful lady and I love spending time with her. We met the cutest little girl who was 1 year and 2 months old at the market, she was sooo cute. The evening was a quietish one, a lovely dinner with Laura, we said goodbye to some of the girls, and lovely Ali dropped us home.

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