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Yoga Training Day 3

It is all starting to get a bit tough on the body

Day 3 … Madhav (our teacher) said the first 3 days would be the toughest, I must admit at this point I am starting to feel it. We are learning so much already, it is today that I am realising that for me to retain this information and get it right I must focus, this is a serious amount of info and we are only a few days in. Is it bad that I am looking forward to my day off already.  Foxy asked for the hotel to place the tables together for dinner, which is so nice as now we all feel together and can all get to know each other more. One thing I love about travelling and doing different things to normal is the people you meet and the stories you here. It is cool to hear peoples life stories and backgrounds. 

The evening saw Sam, Nat and I go take a walk to town. Sam and Nat are Mother and Daughter and they were the first two I spoke to when I arrived. They remind me of myself and my Mum and I love seeing them together, and to make it even more amazing they are super super awesome and lovely. We had some fun in town, had a little dance with cutest Cambodian little boy who was dancing at the side when street performers were dancing and then enjoyed a stroll back. It was definitely a lovely day. She forgave me for kicking green juice all over her too 🙂  Here is a picture of a guy who just pitched up hi bed in the street, the cute little boy and today’s breakfast which was vegan pancakes. 

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