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Yoga Training Day 4

Being Western I am not used to Cockroaches

Waking up this morning I felt a bit sick, the alarm has gone off, I have snoozed it and then over slept so time to get ready quicker than I normally do. I jump in the shower listening to my morning motivational clips and boom 🤯 what do I see on the wall 😳😳😳a flipping cockroach is in my shower, I panic and then remind myself that I should just remain calm. So I continue showering while watching this Cockroach slowly moving around the shower box, thinking how the hell am I going to get rid of it. I finish showering and in my room I see I have a bin so I started to build some courage to go get it, I go back to the bathroom and it’s gone 👀👀👀 so I continue to get ready.I get to class and it turns out that my body is saying no, moves hurt, holding poses were not happening and all I really wanted to do was to lay down and do nothing. I think the long days are taking their toll on me. On one of our breaks today I went back to Nika’s (my accommodation) and played with the little kitten for ages, she is super super cute and brings giggles and smiles.I feel super proud of myself for not having meat for 6 days now, this is a big achievement for me, however today I just really wasn’t feeling having lunch that was supplied, when I went to check it out and saw it was soup it confirmed I definitely needed to go out. I really wanted a little time out alone with a change of scenery, so I took myself to town and found a cute little cafe, had a vegan lunch and did some work on my laptop. Everyone is starting to feel more comfortable now, so now I can be the picture taker I love to be, we had an awesome group picture taken, even getting Madhav in it 🙂 This evenings class was sooo funny today a real giggling one as our teacher had taken some medication for her tooth and it sent her a bit wild and Naomi couldn’t stay in some poses and was being cheeky, I feel it was just what we all needed though a good funny practice rather than the strict structured sessions we have had solidly for the last few days. Vicky is absolutely amazing and we all love her sessions so much. They really are a great way to start and finish the day. This evening we enjoyed a fun massage in town to relax a little and even had one of the guys working there singing, and of course I joined him 😛 .

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