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Yoga Training Day 7

Wohooooo tomorrow is our day off

Day 6Last day before we get a day off.The cockroach made an appearance today, aswell as yesterday. When I went back after the morning session I decided that I have had enough…. of course I haven’t got the guts to move it so I got one of the staff to come help. The way she hit it down with the broom and then just picked it up in some tissue was shocking, while I am standing there on my tip toes ready to run. This is when you realise how western you are. Today was the day that we had to teach a whole class to our partner. The amount of things we have to remember is unreal and extremely difficult. Luckily for me I am paired up with Laura who is absolutely fricking amazing and I am so glad to have met her. It went ok but it’s made me realise I do need to actually do some practice and study a bit more than I have. We have two weeks to perfect so I am hoping it will be fine, although going back over all of the philosophy we have done so far I am a bit concerned I won’t remember everything 🙋🏻‍♀️🙈We had some free time this afternoon, well self study but free, so I headed to town and got a massage 💆🏼‍♀️ and studied while being massaged and then went to a cosy bar and sat in the sun, as I have barely had any sunshine at all. It was soooo nice to just to chill a little and do something different. I really don’t like routine and structure so it’s been hard, but these free time moments are most definitely helping. I headed in to town to get a massage, of course I studies at the same time, and then I chilled on a super comfy seat in the sun. Although we are in a hot country, I actually haven’t seen much sun so it was nice to just sit in the sun for a bit. I also witnessed a car hitting two people on their moped 🏍 in the street. I have never seen people pick up someone and carry them to the side of the road so quick. So much for us making sure we don’t touch or move people in the UK. Our 4pm class was pretty cool today we did some new poses and Madhav even made a few jokes in class which was awesome.Tonight’s dinner was absolutely banging it was vegan burger and chips. I am now on day 8 of no meat and surprisingly I am really enjoying it. I know right, who would have thought I would not be eating meat. Some of the group are going to Angkor Wat tomorrow morning they are leaving at 4am, I need some sleep so I have opted out. Tonight we all headed out into town so we could all let our hair down a bit. Omg what a great night, they have a street area called Pub Street here it is absolutely amazing at night, I flipping love it here. Most of the group just stayed for one and Laura and I stayed out, we have both realised we are similar and we had an amazing funny night, We didn’t get to bed till 3am :0 .When we left the bar there were people dancing in the street so we joined them for a dance. Then we walked home, it is sooo safe here you don’t even feel the need to worry. Everyone is super friendly. The picture at the top is a guy who was having his photo taken and I got the team to photo bomb him with me 😛

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