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Yoga Training Day 8

Did someone say day off 😛

Day 7 Wohoooo today is day off day. I cannot tell you how happy I am that this day has arrived. I am most certainly not one for wishing time away, however I amPhysically tired and my brain hurts from all the theory sessions. As Laura and I didn’t get in till 3am this morning 🙊 I totally wanted a lay in. I woke at 9 and felt wide awake, there was no way I was getting up, even though I felt I should, so I forced myself back to sleep and ummm woke up at like 12.30 whoops 😬 if I am honest I could have laid there for longer but I made myself get up.I go for a little swim and then decide to go for a walk, grab some lunch, get a massage and eat more food. I headed to town to a Greek restaurant I saw the other day, I fancied a Greek Salad, sticking to the no meat on my day off too, hey who would have thought. I wondered a little bit more and got some steps in, although I already had 12,000 steps on my watch when I woke (we danced a lot :o) What I love most about Asia is how different it is, I find it fascinating just walking a lot and taking everything in. It is amazing how a lot of people have very little, or have very a very different home/work environment to what us Westerners have, however they are super super happy, friendly and pleasant. You walk around Milton Keynes or London or many places in the UK and all you see is people rushing, people angry, frustrated or just miserable as hell. Like seriously I feel everyone should re evaluate their lives a bit. Lets talk road rage for instance, it’s a daily thing back home, here the roads are crazy but you don’t see that sort of disgusting behaviour here. It is not about us being lucky where we live either, I feel it is purely a lack of respect, appreciation of the simple things and how our egos get the best of us. Before I came out here I had browsed Google maps, I cam across a place called the Fresh Fruit Factory, the pictures looked amazing so I planned on heading there, I had mango and passion fruit pancakes and just sat there enjoying my surroundings. Something I never do when I am back home, as I am always on my phone or laptop working or looking at things I shouldn’t be on my phone. This is something I want to change when I get back home. I decided to then go for a massage, I was planning to go to one of the shops but when I was in a market I saw they were doing some in like small metal containers, I love to experience different things, especially when I am in another country so that is what I did. I asked for a 60 min oil all body massage, now if you ever come out to Asia just know a lot of the time you don’t get what you ask for hahha. I ended up with some tough holding and pushing massage, hey for £5 for 1 hour you cannot complain. Pizza was dinner, and to be honest it was pretty terrible so I will leave that there :)Ready for tomorrow I ask myslef???? No I am not, I want another day off, and also tomorrow is the day I attempt to teach a full class in our little group of 3. I have not self studies enough or got to grips with it, so I am not expecting wonders, as always I will do what I can do and that is it.

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