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Is this course for me?


This course is immersive and powerful. If this course has caught your eye then the Universe is guiding you to make that change. 

So many of us do not realise the power behind our own breath. Most people can swim, but most aern't able to get across the English Channel. We all breathe, but do we breathe for optimal health and vitality, or are we just paddling the water in surviving???

This course will be all you need to get you right back on track, improve your overall health, have you filled with energy and release any tension that no longer serves you.

The nature of this course requires your commitment and accountability. 

How does it work?

This course is a face to face course with some elements online, however if you are unable to attend the face to face in Milton Keynes, you can join with the full course option being online.

We will provide access through video call for all the meetings.


  • Weekly sessions are every Sunday at 6.30pm - 8pm 

  • The daily breath sessions are all pre recorded for you to do when is best for you. The mid week will be a longer practice 

  • The Cacao closing ceremony will be at The Nest Sunday 12th February 6.15 - 9.15pm ( Online attendees will be sent the Cacao through the post) 

There are ONLY 6 spaces. Your investment in yourself and your health is £300 for the 6 weeks. 

We can promise this will be your best investment of the year or maybe even of your life.

Sign up here 

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