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Breathe to Grieve Retreat

Our 4 day Retreat creates a container for the soul, where grief finds solace in our shared breath. Here, we gather not as strangers, but as fellow travellers on the path of loss and longing.

In the embrace of nature's melody, we honour the many shapes of grief within us - the ache of loss, the mourning of dreams, the sorrow of endings. Together, we confront our sorrow, releasing burdens with each exhale, creating a container of empathy and understanding.


Gift yourself the space you need

Gloucestershire, Uk 10th - 13th September 2024

Many people get swept away with life or don't even realise they are grieving the loss of parts of themselves, friends, ideas or loved ones.

We will create a beautiful container for exploration, expressions and emotions, enabling you to fully open your heart, connect to yourself and all that you are holding, on a deep level for beautiful healing, growth and expansion

This Retreat will be life changing, if you are ready to choose you then we are ready to serve you


Grief Healing

Grief Healing allows you to reconnect with your self, create a container within for emotions to be seen, felt & heard that you have knowingly or un-knowningly been holding. In this safe and nurturing container, we gently unravel the knots of grief, making space for healing, restoration, and a renewed sense of wholeness.



In the gentle embrace of breathwork, we embark on a profound journey of releasing grief held within the body. This powerful practice helps you create space to access deep states of inner awareness, release stress & tension from the body . By harnessing the power of your breath, you can experience profound shifts in your energy, clarity of mind, and overall vitality.


Somatic Movement

Through intentional breath and mindful movement, we invite the pain, the sorrow, and the heaviness to dissolve, allowing emotions to flow freely and find their release. With each fluid motion, we honor the sacred wisdom of the body, trusting in its innate ability to heal and transform. 

Accomodation Options

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Investment £800

Single Bed in a Twin Room
Private Room

Investment £1100

Escape the World, and dive within 

Our Location 

Gloucestershire , UK 

Nestled in the heart of England, Gloucestershire is a county renowned for its enchanting countryside and quintessential English charm. Picture-perfect villages with thatched cottages dot the rolling green hills, where meandering streams and ancient woodlands create a serene backdrop.

Book your retreat today and experience the ultimate farm getaway.



What is included ?

3 Nights Luxury Accomodation

All Meals and Drinks ( This is a NO alcohol and drug Retreat )

Breathe Journeys


Opening and Closing Ceremony 

Connecting and Sharing Circles

Before and After tools & guidance

What is not included ?


Transportation to and from the Retreat

Any additional services and support outside of the Retreat schedule

Please Contact us with any questions:

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