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Returning home within
is where everything starts to begin 

Are you ready to embark on a journey within to truly access all you need to set yourself FREE?

Immerse Yourself in our Offerings

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Connect with our offerings below. Most offerings can be practiced in person or online.

Drop us a message to discuss how we can support and help set you free


Emotion Release Healing 

2 Hours 

This deep healing practice is an extremely POWERFUL modality that is held in person.

Kayleigh will create a container that is safe, she will connect to your energy body & soul, allowing access to anything you are holding deep within.

All that is stuck will release through Kayleigh, leaving you feel lighter & free. This experience is not uncomfortable or unpleasant for you, you will feel inner peace



Womb Healing

2 Hours

In person or online

Kayleigh will guide you through a journey using Breathwork, Meditation & Visualisation & Energy Healing to journey within your womb space.

You will access the ability to connect with your Womb, here & heal her.

Your womb holds so much tension & energy, this can play out in your day-to-day life in ways you can never imagine, womb healing creates space for clarity, freedom, change & more



Breathwork Journey

1 hr 30 mins

In person or online

Anything you need this journey will give you.

This Conscious Connective Breath Journey will show you whatever you need to see, feel & experience for your highest good. You will be guided & held in a container where absolutely all of you is welcome.

This is life changing you will not leave the same person. If you are ready to create the life you desire this journey will lead the way



Inner Child Healing 

1.5 Hour 

In person or online

Your Younger self needs you.

This healing journey into working with your inner child will allow you to heal anything that you feel needs love. If you feel & know you have some unhealed wounds from childhood this session will guide you to heal.

We can focus on something specific or work intuitively. You will be held in a container that holds you in safety and trust.


Private Ceremonies

In person or online


Do you feel going to a larger event is too much, but you would like to experience magic with some close friends or family? We offer Private Ceremonies. These can be tailored for whatever your group needs, whether it be Meditation, Breathwork, Cacao, Emotional Regulation, Space Holding, Trauma Release, Conscious Connection, Resolution support, Movement or any other requests you may have.

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Couples Conscious Communication

2 Hours 

In person or online

Do you feel your relationship could benefit from some help but the thought of a marriage counsellor or therapist seems daunting? 

This session is an incredibly powerful opportunity to create, clarity, conscious communication & connection between you both. Kayleigh will hold the space, creating a calm container for communication to be effective. 

You will feel incredibly lighter & more connected for sure


Energy Clearing

In person or online


Do you feel something is not quite right in your ho energetically, have you moved into a new space, have you had a toxic person in your space that has now left but you feel the energy left behind, or would you like to feel more love and connection with your space? We offer enegry cleansing for homes, spaces, workplaces. We use a variety of methods to removed old energy & create an opening for new loving energy to enter. Contact us if you would like us to come to your space. Distance may affect investment




1 hour 

In person or online 

Are you looking for guidance, & support? Kayleigh is a Mentor covering a range of areas of support, from ; Relationships. life, shadow work, self development, confidence, body connection, love, career, business and more. Kayleigh has a relatable approach enabling openness & vulnerability, which encourages great results 


Session enquiry here

Let us know what service you would like to book, and we will contact you to arrange further details

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I joined Kayleigh for a breathwork session yesterday and I had super experience. I felt an immense amount of energy released into my body and lots of blockages removed. I experienced self love for the first time in my life, I laughed and I danced. I am not someone who feels self love, smiles/laughs or dances in my daily life. I felt the sensation of "being" and for the first I understood how powerful that is. I felt synchronicity between my body, mind and soul and I can openly say it was the most beautiful experience of my life. It was beyond plant medicine or psychedelics and this was all from within. Kayleigh held the space for us all with great attention to details and care. I highly recommend being in Kayleigh's presence and attending her events whether you feel it's time for healing or not. Don't wait until you are desperate, take care of your soul on a regular basis.

Iulian x

I was first introduced to Kayleigh around a year ago as I wanted to start to learn meditation. My first session with this lovely lady was at her house where she made me feel really welcome and explained everything in-depth to me. My first session was amazing. I continued using Kayleigh as a meditation teacher. We did some work around finding the root of my addictions.

I then had some more sessions including some healing sessions,  we did some work around finding the root of my addictions.

I am now 190days alcohol & drug free.

Anyone looking to do any meditation or healing. I would highly recommend given this lovely soul a message

J x

‘I had a healing session with Kayleigh after a really powerful spirit circle and she was kind, understanding, and dealt with my hesitance really well. The session itself was intense but I felt so much lighter after. It took me a few days to notice the huge shift that had happened but instead of being anxious all the time, I felt peaceful and content. I would highly recommend working with Kayleigh. I can’t describe what happened or how it happened but I can just say that the outcome is amazing!’

H x

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