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Meet The Team



If you are looking for someone to make you sweat but smile at the same time, Tasha is the trainer for you. All while getting amazing results in overall fitness and strength.

Tasha also loves to train and loves a mixture of weight training, body weight and cardio to a high tempo.



Kayleigh has adapted a mind and body approach, and has a passion for teaching Yoga. She believes connecting the body and mind together to can achieve great results and loves helping people connect.

Kayleigh loves to practice and train, and still has a love for lifting weights and cardio alongside her Yoga journey, as she believes they all come hand in hand.



If you are looking for a cool, calm and collected trainer, who is NOT a young bouncy in your face 20 year old trainer then Dottie is the one for you. 

Dottie has a fantastic understanding and relatable approach to training, she has worked with many individuals with health limitations and has achieved great results. 


We believe our individual personalities, knowledge and abilities as trainers compliment each other and this combined makes PTK an AWESOME place to train, whether that is online, face to face, or joining one of our Retreats. 

Our motto is Believe and Achieve, we are so sure of our motto that we support our clients in every way we can to believe, and they then achieve more than they can imagine.

Procrastination does not get results.....

Contact us now to see how we can help you get started 

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