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It doesn't have to be this way, choose you now !!!

So many of us spend years & years dieting, caught in never feeling enough, always searching what can make us feel better...... because that is what it really is about......



Are you sick of not feeling enough?

Here are 4 of the key reasons

we put this program together 

We are extremely passionate about FOF and can guarantee it will change your life if you immerse yourself 

Dieting sucks

Kayleigh has spent her life dieting, and has witnessed hundreds of Women specifically caught in the same loop. 

Enough is enough.... we do not have to live this way, it does not have to be like this, and we are now on a mission to guide people out of this loop for good!

Never Feeling enough 

Over the years it has come apparent that the deeper wound to all of these systems is that so many of us do not feel like we are enough. This comes from many places, childhood, school, abuse and more. Instead of us tackling the problem at its root we get caught in these self sabotaging systems. We want to help people get out. 

Beautiful People

Spending time with so many people over the years, soon led us to believe that there are incredibly beautiful souls out there, who do not see their worth, do not live a fulfilling life and most certainly are carrying emotional baggage around they do not need to. 

We want to help ignite people's fire and set them free from the chains holding them back 

Life is for living 

Let's face it, life is not for counting calories, restricting ourselves, making ourselves small, jumping on and off the scales continuously, wearing masks, not speaking our truth, and all the other shiz that comes with never feeling enough. 

We are tired of it and we say NO MORE.... let's change the way we are & think for the greater good of ourselves. 

This Program will change your life

Discover the unique and valuable features that set Being Well Holistic Health apart from the rest. Our program offers a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on the mind, body, and spirit. Experience the benefits of our comprehensive program designed to improve your overall well-being, and get you out of these continuous cycles


Heal your relationship with yourself


Discover deeper awareness


Improve your health like never before

Enjoying the Nature


Learn to trust and believe in yourself 


No nonsense


Real & relatable program

Nature Walk

The program covers

Understanding current patterns 
Understanding current lifestyle 
Mental state awareness 
Relationship with your body 
Relationship with food 
Relationship with thoughts 
Awareness of consciousness 
Subconscious beliefs 
Childhood patterns 
Childhood conditioning 
Childhood beliefs 
Emotional Eating 
Emotional regulation 
Emotional re balancing 
Creating a life you desire 
Creating a healthy relationship with yourself 
Creating a healthy relationship with food 
Understanding your boundaries 
Understanding the importance of putting yourself first 

Kayleigh's Story 

Kayleigh has spent years & years dieting, in and out of crazy restrictions, in and out of crazy exercise regimes, it was endless, she counted every single calorie she put in my mouth and you get the drift. 

Never was she happy, and if she did lose weight it was never sustainable so would put it all back on again, feel crap about herself and then sabotage herself even more. 


A year and a half ago something very special happened, she decided to journey inwards a little deeper. which led her to discover something fricking incredible. Implementing and working with it, over time her life started to change.

She started to feel incredible, to build confidence, trust and the weight naturally started coming off as she was internally growing, her physical appearance changed.

No diets, no crazy exercise regimes.... no shakes, no restrictions.... no nonsense. 

Having been in the constant rut for soooooo many years, Kayleigh is now FREE, she eats for herself and her body, she loves life and her confidence is BEAMING 

Are you looking for a way OUT of this Yo-Yo system, the tireless cycle of never feeling good enough and happy with your body? 



How Does it Work 

The Program is made up of over 25 videos, containing a variety of content 

Content contains - Meditations, Visualisations, Body Scans, Breathwork, Talks, Journalling and more

You will receive the links of all the content on Purchase

This is your program, meaning you start it and work through it at your own pace as and when suits you

This can be done anywhere in the world, so no limitations, just click purchase now

This program does not include - Diets, restrictions, exercise and any of the other nonsense you are used to 

Fed up of feeling fat has been specifically and carefully articulated to ensure optimal results mind, body, soul & spirit.

If you are ready to embark on a journey of self discovery and to jump out of that RUBBISH Hamster wheel, buy yourself a journal, click purchase here below and never look back :)

It is time to CHOOSE YOURSELF 

What are you waiting for 

Investment £149

This will be your best investment yet 

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