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Can you take a YOGA Mat on the Plane?

Updated: May 26

Me with my Yoga Mat

Are you a Yoga Enthusiast and want to know if you can take your Yoga mat on the plane?

I am a Yoga Teacher and for ages I have been wondering whether I could take my Mat on the plane and not have to pay for it. 

I searched the World Wide Web, Airline T & C’s and just couldn’t find anything, so here I am serving anyone who has the same question I did :)

Some Yoga Mats are expensive, as some of you may know, and the thought of your Mat being taken away from you is like someone stealing your Baby :P . Maybe a slight exaggeration but you get the drift. 

With getting no answers, I decided to take the plunge and take one of my Yoga mats on the plane. I travelled around Asia in Winter 2023 and I actually brought a Yoga mat in Thailand, which I was able to take on the planes across Asia. 

However as we all know, Europe can be difficult and awkward; often having silly ass rules. 

As I embark on my Ryanair Flight to Cyprus, I take my £7 Yoga mat with me, now I really did need the Mat as I was actually running a Health Retreat, but was willing to buy another out there if I needed. So I surrendered into trust.

Mum and I both with our bags and a Yoga mat each in tow, embarked on this plane ride with flow and ease. 

Returning from Cyprus I flew with Easy Jet, again being able to take my Mat onboard with no issues. I have recently flown with Wizzair and Ryanair a few more times, and this time now ( I am writing this on the plane) I actually brought a Manduka Yoga mat with me…. I know right :P Getting risky haha. 

So can you take a Yoga Mat on the plane without it getting taken away from you? 

From my experience YES, however I do not accept liability for your actions :P 

May our Yogi friends travel with their Mats freely <3 

If you would like to check out my Retreats you can see them here

If you would like to practice with me on YouTube, you can do that here

Much love to you all <3 

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