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Feel Fat or Feel Slim???

The Hamster Wheel of Feeling Fat and Slim

Do you ever find yourself oscillating between feeling fat and feeling slim?

Perhaps not always, but do you find yourself frequently shifting between these two states? If so, I can relate. I've experienced these same feelings countless times throughout my life.

But why do we experience these feelings, and how do they affect us? It truly boils down to the feeling itself.

Consider this: take a moment to reflect on an old picture of yourself. Looking at it now, you may perceive yourself as slim. However, if you were to transport yourself back in time and ask that version of yourself how you felt, chances are you still felt fat, despite appearing slim to others.

Why is this?

What many fail to recognise is that I'm referring to a feeling, not just physical appearance.

People often become so fixated on their outward appearance, expressing sentiments like,

"I hate the way I look,"

"I am fat,"

"I am ugly,"

"I want to be slimmer," or "I want to be healthier."

This fixation extends to material possessions and money, with constant desires for more.

However, once you attain that desired state, feeling, or possession, satisfaction is fleeting. Soon enough, you're back to yearning for more, feeling that it's never enough, that you're never enough. This dissatisfaction can lead to self-sabotage or even the development of unnoticed addictions.

This cycle persists because we fail to address the underlying roots of this relentless struggle. I speak from personal experience, having traversed through each stage mentioned above.

But not anymore!

I've broken free, and I couldn't be happier, healthier, or more filled with love. And guess what? Not a single diet, exercise regime, or restriction was involved.

I've identified the roots, confronted them with the time, love, and dedication they required for healing. Now, I'm on a mission to help others do the same. ❤️

Check out our Fed up of Feeling Fat Program, we also offer affiliation partnerships now too, so you can share this transformational content with those you love and receive £50 per person signing up.

Drop us a message let's chat <3

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