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I hated Yoga

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

It's a true story 😳

I tried Yoga years ago and I absolutely hated it. I remember it very clearly, it was in my local Pure Gym, at the time I was big on hard intensive workouts. I remember coming out of the class and saying "well that was pointless, I didn't even sweat" haha.

On reflection years later I realised at that point I was probably depressed and I used hard intensive workouts as my port for coping.

A few years later one of my clients who loved Yoga encouraged me to go with her, we attended a Festival which had some Yoga classes so I dived in and tried it again, I really really enjoyed it. I remember them saying take a vinyasa, everyone around me knew what that was and I had no clue what so ever 😂😂 I actually asked someone at the end as I wanted to understand.

A few months later we attended a Yoga Festival of which was one of my funniest Yoga experiences, in a room with over 50 people, who all seemed very serious Yoga people 😝 we were guided and all of a sudden in a side bend I farted, not just one fart but many 🤣 I of course totally owned it and said oops that was me, as all the serious Yoga peeps looked at me with disappointed faces that I was disturbing their practice. Of course I then giggled and kept giggling along with some others near me.

This taught me that Yoga was very serious 👀👀

I loved that day and that was where it kind of started for me.

I then attended some local Yoga courses and classes, only a couple. From there is was the beginning.

I have so many clear memories of disliking Yoga, I remember seeing people talk about how it saved them and changed their life's and I thought they were talking nonsense ...... until it changed mine 🥰

So if you've not been called to do Yoga and can relate to some of my thoughts I totally get you, I get it, but just know when the time is right the time is right. So if there seems to be a little call to give it a try, don't ignore it, give it a go.

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1 Comment

I would have thought all those serious disapproving faces at your wind would have put you off more. Obviously glad it didn't 😁

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