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Yet this little one is my reminder that I am not longer here to hide my gifts. So who wants to know the story????

It is a bit of a long one, and I have consent to share this  

Last year I ran a Spirit Circle at Clophill, I had a message from Christina Lee who had somehow found my details online and felt called to come, she was seeking connection, friends, community.

She was joined by Jo Charlie Sam Devonald and Kathy Russo

As we got started, we was chatting and I kept hearing this name in my head, this was really early into my Psychic bits opening up, so I kind of ignored it, it came again and I just happened to ask Christina if she could take the name. She said yes and it was the name of the person she had been talking about, (she didn't say the name of course)

Me being me just tried to ignore it and we carried on, I then started to get more

messages and asked about her Grandma, now at this stage, I was aware that when I have physical touch with people I am able to get messages and connect deeper. So I ask Christina if she minds if I touch her haha. She agreed.

As I connect with her Physical body, everything started to come streaming through, I had the most horrendous pains in the left side of my womb and it turns out the Grandma had passed just 3 weeks before. I was guided to offer Christina healing so asked her and the group, of which everybody said yes. ( This is NOT what happens at Spirit Circles by the way  )

I had already explored channeling this healing with quite a few people so I knew I could follow the guidance with trust. The healing started and as the tears came strolling down my face lots of other emotions followed, here was when Chrsitina told me she knew what it was.

She had been trying to conceive for 7 years and had 3 mis carriages all of which were the left side of her womb.

I channel all that needs to be channeled that Christina was holding, being witnessed by the other 3 ladies. It was incredibly powerful and big. Christina had no clue what was going on, when we finished I asked her does she still want to have a baby?

She replied yes, I looked her in the eye, told her she needs to do the deeds as she is going to have a baby.

3 weeks later......

We got a text in the group chat that Christina was Pregnant  

I supported Christina very little through the pregnancy and gave only the guidance of connecting to the Baby and talking to her, and to also connect to her body, to let both know that they are safe, I gave her a guided meditation to do. I knew that she could do this alone and feel empowered.

Then at 7 months Chrsitina came to see me before I went travelling, where I connected to the Baby, I had a visual of the baby, she spoke to me and then I had another activation. We moved from some Inner Child Healing and prepared for a beautiful Birth.

In January PHOENIX was born  

The visual I had I didn't see in the first few pics, and then a few weeks went by and I saw a picture, and it was that visual

Yesterday I visited this beautiful family and OMG  I cannot believe what happened. There are more stories that have taken this whole journey to another level, but that is for another day  

I have realised that I am NO LONGER going to hide my gifts, I am here to share the MAD incredibly powerful gifts I have been chosen to be a conduit for on this Earth Plane, and I am not scared anymore of what people think.

I have the ability to connect to peoples Souls ( is the only way I can describe it) I am able to channel and move peoples trauma and channel any unspoken words, pain and trauma through me, I am able to connect to Spirit and I now have full trust and faith in it all.

There have been many people I have done this with over the last year, most who came to me unsure why but just new they needed to come. Some of which have had years of Therapy and their session with me shifted the weight.

Think what you think and if you don't like or believe that is totally ok, but I have to follow this path that has been chosen for me and I am here to do some incredible work.

So that is just one part of my story  

The biggest blessing of all of this is, the family have what they have always wanted but with this comes the space where they feel, see and believe there is way more out there than what we believe and that they are limitless potential.

I am incredibly blessed to have been chosen to support Christina in clearing the Trauma her Womb was holding so she could hold the baby safely.

The warmth and love is worth more than anything in this material world

I am so grateful to my Lineage for all that I have been able to receive

Christina’s sharing......

Im so full of emotion and 43 i was nearing my very last chances. With no explanation for the losses or 4 years of nothing happening at all. What a story to share with our little miracle. I left the circle and I joked maybe I will get my baby after all.. it was the smoothest , healthiest pregnancy I have ever diabetes was controlled so well, no high blood pressure, no indigestion. We travelled to Poland, Tunisia, got married all with her inside growing strong. I now have my 17 , 12 & 13 week old and I feel complete how lucky am I that the universe led me to kayleigh xxx Never give up hope if this story has touched you. Anything is possible. Baby Angel Phoenix Lee   

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