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How are you???? How are you coping with lockdown? Here are some tips of how I am staying sane <3

How are you???

Like really how are you???

Not just the casual how are you?

If you don't want to reach out maybe just ask yourself how you are coping and really take a second to ask yourself how you are. Equally if you want someone to talk to or vent to, then our inbox is open and is full of empaths ready to help you . Client or no client. This last 10 months have been absolutely exhausting and long, they have been mentally and physically draining and I can imagine most of you feel like you have been like a dog chasing its tail. With the constant uncertainty, constant worry and loss of earnings etc it has been extremely taxing on our bodies and minds. I would like to share with you a few things I have been doing to keep my mind sane and my body as healthy as I can.

Daily walks

I get out every single day (pretty much) and I like to try my best to get out twice if I can. I find starting my day with a walk allows me to clear my head, I take my time to enjoy nature, enjoy the weather; even if it is raining. I take this time to be grateful for the small things that in my whole life I have taken for granted and never given attention to. Getting out can clear the cobwebs, gentle movement is great for the body and the fresh air and exercise is great for improving chemical imbalances in the body.

Delete Social Media

Now I limited myself in the first lockdown and throughout the year but I found myself falling into holes of being sucked in by picking up my phone soooo many times a day. A few months back I put limits on my phone to restrict me and then on Christmas eve I decided to delete all apps from my Phone. This is one of the best things I have done. It is very very easy to get sucked into Social media and I find that over the past 10 months it has been extremely negative. I mean the first lockdown really made me realise how opinionated people are and how people use social media to try and be forceful and dominant. For this reason I now limit my time. I use my laptop to come on and post for PTK and connect with my clients and I do that maybe 2 times a day for a short amount of time. Give it a go....... it is hard at first but stay firm with yourself. Trust me it does you the world of good.

Daily mediation

I have been meditating for a while but I really got into it after Yoga training, and I must admit Yoga and meditation have been an absolute saving grace for me. I meditate daily, and I would love to tell you I religiously do it every morning first thing, but I am a realist. I do it when I can. I find if I do it first thing I feel better for the day but sometimes it just doesn't happen. So sometimes I do it at the lake, sometimes I just sit in my car and breath, sometimes I sit in my swing and close my eyes and focus on my breath and sometimes I just stare into space and that is my meditation. There is this idea you have to be cross legged, super still, eyes closed and mind stopped... this is absolute nonsense. Sometimes I do sit in silence with my legs crossed, but the mind doesn't stop but I try to focus on my breath. It is not what you imagine so start your meditation practices now in your own way which suits you.


Again this is not something I do EVERY single day but I try to do it as much as I can. Some days it may just be 3- 4 mins in the morning, 10 mins in between clients. If I am honest I cannot remember the last 1 hour practice I did. Probably early December. Again Yoga is so much more than 1 hour practices. It can be 10 - 15 mins and Yoga also involves your behaviour, your thoughts, your reactions etc etc. We currently have 1 31 day Yoga challenge going which consists of 10-15 mins a day, and I think everyone sees this is more manageable and helpful for them. Interaction I try to interact with people as much as I can. I mean yes I am lucky as I am training people online so I still get to see people. The rules allow you (at the moment) to meet one person outside, so why not do it. I know some may choose not to for whatever reason and this is totally ok. All I am saying is meeting a friend and going for a safe walk can be absolutely BLINKING REFRESHING for you, it gets you away from the kids, husband, parents whoever..... and allows you a little mental release.


I used to be that person that said why should I read haha. I never really saw the point at all. Now I love it. Reading has literally changed my life. I tend to read books that are to do with life, behaviours, psychology and Yoga, but that is just my preference. So why not use that time you would be scrolling social media and damaging your mental health to grab a book, snuggle up with a hot drink and a blanket and read. Allow the book to capture you and take you in so you forget all your worries.

I also do a bit of journaling every night before bed, just a little reflection on my day, how I am feeling, I remind myself it is ok to have emotions and feelings, and you shouldn't expect to always be happy and fluffy :)

I know it's a long post but for the last week or so on my walks I have been telling myself that I should share what I am doing, even if it helps just one person then my heart will be happy. Remember we are here for you.

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