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Do you find yourself saying “I don’t have enough space”?

This is just another excuse that can be and is used by people when it comes to exercise. I hear it a lot, I can’t do that at home as I don’t have space.

Now don’t get me wrong this may well be the case for some people but some are just using it as an excuse, along with all the other things they tell themselves as to why they cannot get moving.

Here are a few

“I am tired”

“I don’t have time”

“It is too cold”

“it is too hot”

“I am too stressed”

“I can’t afford it”

The list is endless, a lot of the time these are just excuses, I mean let’s talk about space. At this time of year it is bloody cold, and I must admit my studio is not warm and sometimes I don’t want to go outside to do Yoga, so guess what?? I set up a mat in my room. My room is an odd shape but I can just about get a mat in between the door, wardrobe and chester draws. To be honest it is enough, yes I may have to adjust or reposition myself but it works. It enables me to get my practice in, start or finish my day in a positive way and stay warm while doing it.

What excuses do you give yourself???

Maybe you can start to look at solutions rather than problems.

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